As labour intensive as the Production phase of the design process is, Post-Production is the make or break period of the entire process.

This is the phase that often gets neglected after a huge Production sprint but is crucial in the successful delivery of any design project because it’s the time when all the separate elements of production gets combined and consolidated down to it’s best parts. What is taken out is often just as important as what is kept.


01. First Pass Video Edits & Green Screen Keying

Whilst software tools can help speed up Post-Production, the process comes with it’s own series of problems to trouble shoot. Issues with timing, lighting and clarity of the footage are just a few of the things to consider during this process. Being able to navigate these challenges is the difference between a finished design and a work in progress.


02. Video Compositing

Footage and graphics compositing is the core of the #SailorSays Project. It is nuanced elements like this that lifts the series from being ordinary instagram posts to something that screams serious bells and whistles.

03. Motion Graphics & Final Refinements

This is the phase when footage gets composited together with relevant graphic design elements and polished with special effects or animation.

The craft of the visual designer is to arrive at an outcome that engages the audience naturally without them ever noticing that visual manipulation has already taken effect.